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The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Fast is not a diet. It’s a fast, which is referenced many times in the Bible as a time of restricted eating and focused prayer, as a time to reconnect with God and loosen our grasp on worldly weights. Unlike fasts that exclude all food and drink except water, the Daniel Fast hails a limited food list structured around a certain passage of scripture in which Daniel mourned and “ate no delicacies” for three full weeks (Daniel 10:3, ESV).

Somewhere along the line, someone decided that these delicacies included caffeine, sugar/sweeteners, dairy products, leaved breads, alcohol and meat. Basically everything delicious.

When I first learned about this fast, I was fresh off my month-long cleanse in 2012 and the idea of pulling my coffee plug – yet again – seemed torturous and cruel. You would understand if you saw me tote my mega-sized thermos of heavenly, french-pressed, organic goodness into work each morn. We’re talking about a lifestyle here. Major.

So yes, it has taken me three years to touch the Daniel Fast. But somewhere in the midst of heavy eating and the demands of my 8-to-5, I realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be. My body was quickly becoming a foreign blob. And even more troubling, my spiritual life was lacking zeal. I was wiped out, completely worn. I didn’t have energy for people, or for God.

Well that right there was a warning sign. I realized there is no time like now to get things right and refocus my eyes away from worldly worries and onto the gift of grace. So for the next three weeks, I’ll be enduring some serious torture as I come before the Lord to fall in love all over again. Stay tuned for the details of the battle, the recipes that saved me, and the gift of God’s grace through it all.


3 thoughts on “The Daniel Fast

  1. It really is, as you said, letting go of the earthly and grasping the spiritual. I’ve failed and failed again at such attempts, but will commit to one week (to start with). God Bless your journey! I will support you in prayer.

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