Women’s Faith Retreat – October 2016

There is something about a retreat that settles the spirit and beckons us into a place of both longing and satisfaction. That’s because there is nothing on this earth that satisfies like a true relationship with Christ. And when we taste it, we simply want more.

That’s the purpose I had in mind when this retreat idea surfaced in my head long ago. Time with Christ. Time with other women. Growing, resting, abiding in God’s love so that we can reignite the spark with our First Love. This isn’t about one short weekend; it’s about filling up our tank and taking back forever habits like reading scripture, counting our blessings, and simply spending quiet time with the Lord.

During these 42 hours, we women will giggle and eat good food, read scripture and worship, plus practice true rest. Free time includes options for short hikes, pampering, and crafts, plus your choice of girl time or solo time, making it a true retreat that is tailored to you and your needs.

Registration costs will be subsidized from outside supporters, making the all-inclusive cost just $50 per person. That includes two nights of luxe lodging, gourmet meals, craft supplies, and goodies. It’s too good to pass up… so don’t! Invite your friends and fill out the registration form here. (Please do so right away so that I can plan accordingly… and so I can reserve another cabin, if needed!)


“Abide” Women’s Faith Retreat | October 7-9, 2016 | West Glacier, Montana

Tentative Schedule


4:00-6:00 pm  Arrivals

6:00 pm   Dinner

7:30 pm  Scripture, Worship & Prayer

9:00 pm  Refresh Yoga & Spa Pedicures


7:30 am Optional Fitness

8:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am Morning Devotional

10:30 am Optional Nature Walk or Free Time

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Craft Project

5:30 pm Dinner

7:30 pm Scripture, Worship & Prayer

9:00 pm Facials & Girly Movies


8:00 am Breakfast

9:00 am Morning Devotional

10:00 am Goodbyes


For more information on accommodations, including directions, click here.


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