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Confessions of a fair-weather backpacker

It’s pouring rain outside, and the first thing I think: Cancel our backpacking trip. It’s true. I’m nothing short of a wimp when it comes to “inclement weather.” I don’t want anything to do with it. Running in the rain is fine; hiking in the rain is doable. But backpacking in the rain? Nuh-uh. Count… Continue reading Confessions of a fair-weather backpacker

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Honey Dude and the Honey Hive: Bees for beginners

Long ago, somewhere in the midst of just-married land, I dubbed my husband “Honey Dude” and our new home, the “Honey Hive.” That was before beekeeping grew a little pea in our pod. Funny enough, we were watching “The Secret Life of Bees” (one of my favorite books) when I said I could picture Honey… Continue reading Honey Dude and the Honey Hive: Bees for beginners

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For the love of pie

I don’t know how I started a food blog. That was never my intent. But here I am snapping photos of every meal, dreaming up new recipes to share with a small collection of folk who follow my humble blog. It’s an odd thing, this blogging. But it’s very holistic for me, and very natural.… Continue reading For the love of pie

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Living abroad… with little ones!

My best friend is very much like me. She enjoys health and fitness, appreciates simplicity,¬†adores her family, and prioritizes adventure. Plus she is very stylish and fun. Like I said, lots in common. Now I like a good adventure, but this girl is taking it to extremes by not just visiting, but moving the whole… Continue reading Living abroad… with little ones!

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Our very first canning adventure: from-the-farm salsa

We did it. We canned. I can’t tell you how many high-fives flew in the course of that journey. But Honey Dude and I are shamelessly proud of ourselves. Because, I know this is hard to believe but, canning is hard work! Well the truth is, making salsa is hard work. Just the tomatoes were… Continue reading Our very first canning adventure: from-the-farm salsa

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Harvesting with Honey Dude

I mentioned we were co-op members, but did I mention it is the loveliest thing ever? Honestly, it brings me such joy to trek those little rows of tomatoes. One for me, one for the tote. Two for me, two for the tote. I usually plan on going hungry and leaving stuffed. It’s beautiful. What’s… Continue reading Harvesting with Honey Dude