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He’s my biggest fan

They say things change when you get married. The gooey, over-the-top text messages. Holding hands. Wining and dining. Dressing up and curling your hair just for your man. I’m guilty as much as the next. But things also change for the better. You begin to look out for one another in a powerful way. You… Continue reading He’s my biggest fan

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Confessions of a fair-weather backpacker

It’s pouring rain outside, and the first thing I think: Cancel our backpacking trip. It’s true. I’m nothing short of a wimp when it comes to “inclement weather.” I don’t want anything to do with it. Running in the rain is fine; hiking in the rain is doable. But backpacking in the rain? Nuh-uh. Count… Continue reading Confessions of a fair-weather backpacker

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Honey Dude and the Honey Hive: Bees for beginners

Long ago, somewhere in the midst of just-married land, I dubbed my husband “Honey Dude” and our new home, the “Honey Hive.” That was before beekeeping grew a little pea in our pod. Funny enough, we were watching “The Secret Life of Bees” (one of my favorite books) when I said I could picture Honey… Continue reading Honey Dude and the Honey Hive: Bees for beginners

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1st Anniversary Pie Party

Yesterday was our One Year Anniversary. It’s hard to believe twelve months have already passed since that blessed day in the Oregon countryside where we tied the knot, followed by a lovely barn party packed with our nearest and dearest. During our honeymoon, it was the people we gushed about most. We recalled the sweet… Continue reading 1st Anniversary Pie Party

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His and Her Lunches

I know this is probably a no-brainer, but I just discovered the art of packing lunches. It involves one key component that I frequently forget: thinking ahead.

Back when I was single, this sort of thing never would have bothered me. I have packed my lunches since high school, never a fan of eating gross cafeteria food and always on the lookout for ways I could save a dime — and calories.

Little baggies of love and carrots

But now I have this other half. And I pack his lunches, too. Since he gets up at 3am, this means I have to put it together the night before. (Funny enough, I only pack his lunch, waiting til the morn to pack mine. Some things never change.)

I did that for a while before I realized I could spend Sunday evenings cutting up several bags’ worth of veggies, to last the whole week. Brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Not only do we have healthy lunches, we have healthy go-to snacks around the house for the perpetual snack-attack between meals.

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My first ultrasound

I know what you’re thinking. An ultrasound can only mean one thing. She’s pregnant. But no. I used to think the same thing. Until last week’s tummy pain took me to the doc, and after a series of tests, finally prescribed me an ultrasound. Not to hear the first sounds of my child’s heartbeat, not… Continue reading My first ultrasound