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DIY Kitchen Cork Board

Summer always brings an onslaught of invitations, from weddings to baby showers plus graduation and good old-fashioned summer gatherings. In an effort to protect my fridge from looking overwhelmingly crowded, I decided to make a little announcement board for the kitchen using some plain cork board and a large picture frame, both sitting unused in… Continue reading DIY Kitchen Cork Board

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Friends… And Two Easy Fabric Projects

You know how you have friends and then you have friends? ┬áThe latter is what our hilarious and lovely friends, Tyler and Lynsee became in one short month, when an offer to do dinner together turned into two, quickly followed by plans for ski dates and long weekend getaways. I suppose it’s my fault for… Continue reading Friends… And Two Easy Fabric Projects

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Make Your Own Window Pane Jewelry Display

It all started about a month back when, out of the blue, I decided my knotted up bundle of necklaces needed a better home. Not just for looks, but for the sanity of it all! Honestly, if I had to un-jumble another strand from the mess, I would burst. It simply didn’t help that my… Continue reading Make Your Own Window Pane Jewelry Display

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Old Suitcases for Hire

I love storage. I mean, anything that takes all of my things and stashes them out of sight makes me happy. Because I don’t like to see my stuff. It’s probably a self-awareness thing I need to work on. Still. I like storage. Especially creative storage. I accidentally landed on this gem of an idea,… Continue reading Old Suitcases for Hire